Carmel Glenane B A Dip Ed.      AUTHOR   /   TEACHER   /   VISIONARY HEALER

Carmel Glenane B.A. Dip Ed. Owner/Director of Atlantis Adventures Pty Ltd,  Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™ and Mystery School. 

Founder of The Philosophy of The Divine Feminine, Carmel teachers through “The Mother’s” wisdom.

A channeled writer, esoteric teacher and sought after visionary healer, Carmel has just released her new editions of “The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment through The High Priestess”, “Awaken You Immortal Intelligent Heart a Blue Print for Living in the Now”; “Embodying the Divine Masculine of All Truth through The High Priest” and her new book “The Miracle of the Mysteries Revealed through The Hearts Secrets”. Her latest book: The Final Secret,  challenges us to take responsibility for all that happens to us.  Your ability to hold light for your Stargate Heart illuminates The Path through ‘Ten’ Initiatory Gateways, where Earth Mother and The Final Secret Heart Guides become the Teachers.  They will challenge your definition of yourself and support your courage in accepting your ‘Souls Blue Print – The Master Plan’.

These books combined, form the basis for The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Ascension training programs.

Facilitating and leading her first teaching tour to Egypt in 2002,  Carmel has lead 18 tours to Egypt, as well as visionary tours in  North, Central, and South America, Turkey, Greece, The Hawaii Islands, Indonesia, India, and Australia.  As founder of The Senju Kannon Reiki, Carmel has lead 5 tours to Japan.  Each tour, book, and training has helped her “Earth” her body of Light; purging Earth attachments, as her ability to “Earth” develops, she is able to hold more light to live through her Light Body.

Her Internationally ACCREDITED Heart Activation Training program and Senju Kannon Usui Reiki Training program are a testament to her quality Teaching material and content.

Carmel is a powerful, interactive and dynamic motivational speaker who specialises in self-development work through The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine consciousness, empowering people to live in the Now through the energy of their Intelligent Heart.

2016 Egypt Tour Private access to The Sphinx - Giza Plateau
2016 Egypt Tour
Private access to The Sphinx – Giza Plateau

In 2014, Carmel was invited by the founders of Crystal Tones®  Alchemy Singing Bowls to become an Advanced Alchemy Sound Temple.  These  sonic Masterpieces are now incorporated into all her Tours and Teaching training programs.   Carmel is a channel for ‘The Mother’ and her intent is to allow as many people as possible embody the teachings of our “Mother” through her Tours and Training programs.  

For Interstate and International clients Carmel offers personalised SKYPE Reading and Absent Healing sessions, Training programs are also offered via Skype or Zoom conference calls.   For more information of this please contact the Temple on email:



All  Bookings with Carmel require Payment in Full to secure your appointment time. (This applies to both Training and Consults)

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A Text message will be forwarded to you the day prior to your appointment, requiring you to reply ‘YES’ to confirm.  If no ‘Yes’ message is received your appointment will not be considered ‘Confirmed’ and you will need to contact the Centre on 55367399 to reschedule.


If you need to Cancel or Reschedule an appointment please give 24 hours notice, otherwise a 100% Cancellation Fee is incurred to no-shows or same day cancellations.