Carmel offers additional training programmes for groups to support the integration of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine selves.   She is available for you to sponsor her in your city or country.  Contact Carmel on email :  to discuss the appropriate Training Programme and to complete booking arrangements.

Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart Training Programme

Heart Activations in The Chapel of Ptah with Sekhmet - Karnak Ber Pa
Heart Activations in The Chapel of Ptah with Sekhmet – Karnak Ber Pa

Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart with Crystal Tones® Advanced Alchemy singing bowls.  Carmel is offering you the opportunity to Awaken your Hearts Intelligence in this training programme.

You will be Activating your Heart’s Intelligence through the Five Primary Activation Exercises from her book: “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in The Now.”  These activations and initiations create for the attendee a witnessing of their own journey, supported by loving group members.




Heart Activations with The Hathors Egypt 2016
Heart Activations with The Hathors Egypt 2016

This Training Programme includes:

  • Scientific contributions supporting that the Centre of our lives is found by living through the Centre of our Hearts
  • The Five Primary Activation Exercises

Carmel has taught Heart Activations globally since 2014. (including on recent pilgrimage in Egypt 2016) These Activations are supported by the power of sound in healing through the Crystal Tones® Advanced Alchemy singing bowls which create portals for The Hearts remembered Truth.

If you have a Heart, you must attend this training program!

The Power of Sound In Healing Training Programme

20160626_213251-2Carmel is a Master Crystal Tones® Bowl Master, personally trained by Ken Davis, international ambient music composer and performer, and Lupito (William) Jones, founder of Crystal Tones® singing bowls in Utah United States. Atlantis Rising Healing Centre Crystal Tones® singing bowl Temple is one of only 16 Crystal Tones® Sound Temples in the world.

Carmel facilitates the molecular intelligence of the Bowls Heart to your own Hearts intelligence through Sound Alchemy combined with Music and Colour

This training programme is open to all those who wish to develop their relationship with Sound in Therapy, healing through the Mineral Kingdom with Crystal Tones® singing bowls.

Crystals and Sound are the greatest manifestors of Intent.

Why? Because of our structure, we are crystalline, we are able to heal through The Earth, releasing the mind control and going straight to the Heart.

This is an interactive training programme where you will receive:

  • Healing in Sound
  • Healing in Music
  • Healing in Colour

 Meditation – Receiving – Self Nurturing – Earthing – Playing, Sounding, Chanting – just being basted in the magical healing properties for Renewal; Heart Opening; Peace and Vitality.

If you want to feel Abundant, wanting a life of Emotional, Physical and Spiritual self-sustainability, this training programme is perfect for you.



major-arcana-smallThe Tarot Training Programme

Become your own oracle and feel the presence of your hearts intelligence speak to you as you explore the magical world of The Tarot.

My passion for The Tarot began when I was at university studying psychology and literature. I have been a life long devotee of its power to transform consciousness bringing miraculous changes to people’s lives. I have made my full time professional livelihood since 1991 with The Tarot.

I am so excited to be giving you the opportunity to receive the wisdom through my extensive study and application of this Ancient source of Wisdom and Truth.

In this training programme you will begin:

  • To develop your relationship with the archetypical forces in the Major Arcana (Karmic)
  • You will be introduced to the power of Colour, Numerology, Astrology, and the Sacred Elements in The Tarot deck (Rider Waite Deck)
  • Receive gently guidance and support to assist you become confident in channelling information, with specific instructions on how to release your mind blocks.
  • You will be given the opportunity to create simple spreads of Tarot cards.
  • You will receive confidence to develop your own Heart-centered relationship with the person you are reading.

The Tarot is a Sacred Alchemy Tool essential to release stubborn mind based patterns, opening you up to the infinite power of your intelligent heart. New information will be revealed on the Divine Feminine and Masculine Spreads, bringing integration to your heart.



Ancient Egyptian Energy Training

(Duration 3 Hours)
In this workshop Carmel will demonstrate how you can locate the energy imbalances in the chakras, and remedying them at the different levels of the human energy field with Sacred Ancient Egyptian Aromatherapy Oils.  Outlining specific techniques,formulas and practices used in The Sacred Ber Pa of medicine and healing in Ancient Egypt.  You will be able to utilise these techniques in your own healing and activate your energy field for Rejuvenation and Immortality.
(Duration 3 Hours)
You will learn the Secrets of how the Ancient Egyptians manifested outcomes for their lives, which brought Peace, Order and Balanced Health and Love.Ancient Egyptians brought magic to every aspect of their lives, and the world they lived in created this through their unique relationship with spells, formulae and words of power.  This workshop will bring the Ancients alive in your heart.  You will be paying homage to the source of all creation for your Manifestation, Rejuvenation and Magical Life.
Both training programmes can be completed on the same day.