Heart Activation & Crystalline Sound

1 Day Workshop – SUNDAY 5th MAY2019

at The Oaks Calypso Plaza Resort

99 Griffith Street, Coolangatta

Beautiful things happen when people live in their hearts. The evolutionary shift into our awakened, intelligent, and loving heart is a necessary step in humanity’s evolution and it is the solution to many of the global and individual challenges that face us.

  • THE FOCUS of this 1 Day Workshop is to AWAKEN your IMMORTAL INTELLIGENT HEART and to ACTIVATE and ACKNOWLEDGE it as the MASTER ENDOCRINE GLAND in your body. 
  • This Workshop gives you STEP BY STEP guidance on how you can entrain your whole body’s DNA (including MtDNA – Feminine Mitochondrial DNA) through the 5 Levels of Activation. 
  • The ACTIVATIONS will include Crystal Tones Advanced Alchemy singing bowls and discuss the importance of CRYSTALLINE INTELLIGENCE & SOUND in Heart Activation.

When you live through the intelligence of your heart, you are no longer searching for truth; you bring your truth with you into every moment. To upgrade into your intelligent heart is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive.

An intelligent heart brings others around it into greater coherence and creates a more peaceful, harmonious, and joyous space around you.1 An intelligent heart increases your magnetism and attracts greater love into your life. Things that once caused you great pain and distress no longer bother you and you no longerhave to scramble to attempt to fulfill your basic needs for happiness,security, and a sense of well being.

You will become a witness to your own Transformation. This is just the Beginning..more Secrets will be Revealed on The Day!

**Information in this workshop is from Carmel’s Books:
“Awaken your Immortal Intelligen
t Heart” & to be published “The Final Secret”

VENUE: The Oaks Calypso Plaza – 99 Griffith Street Coolangatta

Investment: $250.00 per person.   Bookings Essential.

EARLY BIRD BOOKING UNTIL 5/4/19 –  $220.00

Testimonials from Mitochondrial DNA Workshop on 3/2/19:

A powerful thought provoking, healing day to remember with women who will embrace Gratitude and change the world. Thank You. 

June Bryant. (Cardiac Nurse Melbourne. )

What a wonderful and enlightening day it was . Count me in for 5th May workshop. I really enjoy the group work

Karen. (Business owner Gold Coast)

Testimonials from Mitochondrial DNA Workshop on 23/9/18:


I wanted to provide the following feedback from my experience after the MitDNA workshop:

“I travelled from Melbourne to attend Carmel’s MitDNA workshop. The day was really enjoyable and was held at a beautiful venue. 

In terms of the healing/transformation that I hoped to gain, I expected the benefits to unfold over the coming weeks and months. However I had confirmation of the power of this work the very next day.

I have been to Coolangatta many times over the past five years to escape the Melbourne winters. I have been seeing a Coolangatta based Chinese Doctor who is well respected in the area each time I have visited.  On feeling my pulses the day after Carmel’s workshop he said to me “Your heart is very good, very strong” I smiled to myself as I have not had good readings on my cardiac health recently to the point where my GP referred me to a Cardiologist earlier this year. My smile was that I was making the connection to the Workshop and my improved heart energy. The Chinese Doctor noticed me smiling and maybe thought I wasn’t taking him seriously and he said to me “I am not joking. I am jealous. You are 51 but have the heart of a 45 year old”

Along with this feedback I do feel a new sense of energy. An energy that feels new and fresh and not like anything I have felt before.

Thank you Carmel along with your lovely team. 

Heart I love you,

Dear Carmel,

I need to tell you of my experience since last Sunday’s Workshop. I took the MtDNA experience into my being. During the past week since the Group Activation and with my daily MtDNA Activation practice, my blood pressure has returned to NORMAL! I have been on Blood Pressure Medication from the Doctor for over 12 months, and decided after the Workshop to stop taking it as I did not feel that it was working for me. So now I don’t take anything from the Doctor. How nice it is just to be back to myself; how nice it is to have a sense of safety and peace, especially peace. Heart I Love You,


Awaken your Intelligent Heart Training Programme

Next Course Date:  MONDAY 9th- FRIDAY 13th SEPTEMBER 2019 

at The Oaks Calypso Plaza Resort

99 Griffith Street, Coolangatta

GLOBALLY ACCREDITED through INTERNATIONAL ENERGETIC HEALING ASSOCIATION.   Awaken your Intelligent Heart with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls  – This training program introduces the participant to The Power of Sound in Healing through the Power of the Hearts Intelligence.  This in depth training program offered over 5 Days, teaches you the 5 Levels of Heart Activation.

5 FULL DAYS – 9.00 am to 6.00pm (This includes a 30 min Lunch Break and a 15 min Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea)

The core teaching text is from my book “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in The Now”, the Activations are taught with Advanced Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. The content details the power of the hearts intelligence to facilitate the important role the heart has in opening the Endocrine Function of the entire human body.  This includes scientific contributions and explores spiritually and scientifically, the hearts important role in activating Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA).  Participants will discover how heart’s intelligence can be activated by initiating the Five Primary Senses and how the Black Heart brings primordial power, pure peace and acceptance of all there is.

Sound healing will combine a mix of theoretical and practical training giving applicable knowledge about how the singing bowls can help you and others in healing (for the self and in groups) and planetary gridding. The course facilitates time to actively play with the Alchemy bowls allowing the hearts intelligence to be fully activated and awakened, in a safe, nurturing, non dogmatic, grounded environment.

Importantly crystalline consciousness will be integral to the sound component weaving the Divine Feminine and Masculine intelligence of our hearts remembering to link directly with the Crystalline Gridding of Earth herself.

These Five Activations brings about integration of the Divine Feminine intelligence, (the heart) and Earth Mother’s intelligence, (Earth) and Divine Masculine intelligence through the black heart of the stellar void through crystalline intelligence.  These Five Activations take place sequentially over the Five Days of Training. The Five Activations are completed on the morning programme of each day and the afternoon programme introduces the practical and therapeutic use of The Alchemy Singing Bowls embracing practical application and theory of how crystalline intelligence activated through sound can open your hearts intelligence to grow your hearts intelligence.

This Training Programme includes:

  • The Five Primary Activation Exercises
  • Awakening the Intelligent Heart
  • Activating the Intelligent Heart’s Endocrine Function
  • Secrets of The Feminine DNA
  • Activating The Heart’s Senses
  • Surrender to The Black Heart
  • Theoretical & Practical training for playing Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Entrainment through the harmonics of Crystalline Intelligence & Sound
  • Scientific methodology for the Heart Activations & Sound

In summary, participants will experience a resurrected new intelligence, bringing renewal. The whole cellular matrix will be rejuvenated as the Divine Feminine remembered Heart is in co creation with the Divine Masculine Crystalline force.

On completion of this 5 Day Training Program each participant will receive a Certificate from The Atlantis Rising Mystery School endorsed by the International Energetic Healing Association.  Each graduate can expect to confidently prepare and run their own training programmes; heal and teach ‘Heart Activations’ both individually and run their own meditation, group events, run seminars etc.

*All enrolled participants will receive a FREE copy of the core teaching text: ‘Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in The NOW.


Early Bird price $3,990.00  until 31/7/2019

Standard Price $4,500.00

(50% Deposit is required to Enrol)

Payment Options

 Whilst it is NOT a requirement of the Course to purchase a Crystal Tones singing bowl.  It is strongly recommended.  These Crystal Tones singing made of the highest quality Earth Minerals and carry the strongest high vibrational energy on the planet. You own  ‘Signature Heart Activation Bowl’ in either F or F# Note, would be advisable.  The bowl will received the complete 5 levels of Activation programmed into them during the Training program.  Crystal Tones Bowls are available from Atlantis Rising Healing Centre, Carmel is available for a FREE 1 Hour Consultation to assist you select your ‘Signature Heart Activation Bowl’  and offers a DISCOUNT of 10%  for the purchase of your first Signature bowl or full set of 5 bowls.  A full Heart Activation Set of 5 Heart Activation bowls is highly recommended for participants to begin holding their own programmes and events.   Crystal Tones is the leading manufacturer, globally of high vibration energy bowls, and these bowls are the only bowls I teach with. 

We recommend you enrol as soon as possible to both secure your spot & contribute to the minimum number of 6 enrolments to proceed with the course.  Confirmation of Enrolment will be emailed to you within 24 Hours of enrolment.

This Training Program can also be offered over an INTEVSIVE 3 Day Program – Either One on One or with a Maximum number of 3 Students. (Please contact the Centre for further information)

Carmel has taught Heart Activations globally since 2014. (including on recent training program in Egypt 2015/ 2016 & 2017. Japan 2017. Uluru 2017 & 2018) These Activations are supported by the power of sound in healing through the Crystal Tones® Advanced Alchemy singing bowls which create portals for The Hearts remembered Truth. 

Enrol and Pay for this Course 

Payment Options

TESTIMONIAL (3/2019):  


I wish to thank you and your staff for your integrity, warmth and Professionalism.

I have loved my time here.  It has been enriching and joyful. The course is Revolutionary, changing my life personally and professionally.  You have left me with many learnings and I know it’s a further substantial upgrade in mypersonal development.  The Midiclorians send their warmest regards! Protect what you have got.

Warmest Regards


Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop

 Next Date to Be Advised

at The Oaks Calypso Plaza – 99 Griffith St, Coolangatta

Carmel is a Master Crystal Tones® Bowl Master, personally trained by Lupito (William) Jones, founder of Crystal Tones® singing bowls in Utah United States.  
This 1 Day Workshop opens you up to the fundamental framework of HOW Crystalline Intelligence through the Minerals and Sound co create allowing perfect harmonic resonance in your physical, emotional and spiritual self.
  • You will experience why ADVANCED ALCHEMY Crystal Singing bowls are multi dimensional tools for awakening your HEARTS INTELLIGENCE.
  • You will develop your knowledge and understanding of the healing powers of crystals, minerals, and precious metals of crystal singing bowls.
  • You will be introduced to earthing with singing bowls, opening your base chakra to Earth, giving you strong foundations to begin your journey to the Heart of the Earth.
Explore your connection and the two way communication potential with the bowls as ‘Living Intelligences’, supporting your earth incarnation
Receive a crystal attunement to open up your hearts intelligence.
Develop your relationship with sound focusing on the chakras connection with musical notes and colour.
  • Demonstrations of the Methodology for: Dedicating, Cleansing, Charging, Awakening,and Programming – jewellery , crystals minerals and Bowls
  • Group closing Meditation activating your intelligent heart with crystal singing bowls.
Investment: $250.00
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $220.00 applies for all bookings prior to 
PLUS a FREE C/D from Carmel Glenane Featuring Crystal Tones Singing Bowls.

This Workshop is open to all those who wish to develop their relationship with Sound in Therapy,  healing through the Crystalline Intelligence and Sound with Crystal Tones® singing bowls.

If you want to feel Abundant, wanting a life of Emotional, Physical and Spiritual self-sustainability, this workshop is perfect for you.

Carmel offers additional training programmes for groups to support the integration of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine selves.   She is available for you to sponsor her in your city or country.  Contact Carmel on email :  carmel@carmelglenane.com  to discuss the appropriate Training Programme and to complete booking arrangements.