Egypt Tour –  11th – 24th NOVEMBER 2019


14 Days – 5 Star Luxury Private or Twin Share Accommodation / Training Program from ‘The Final Secret’

14 Days of 5 Star Luxury Private or Twin Share Accommodation  /  Welcome and Farewell Dinner  /  Full Breakfast and Dinner Daily /  3 Night Luxury sailing on The  Nile – including – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  /  5 Star Luxury Accommodation in Cairo with views to The Great Pyramid when in Cairo / Private Access to The Paws of The Sphinx on the Giza Plateau / Round Trip domestic Flights Cairo -Aswan – Luxor  / Hathors Temple at Dendara  / Transfer and Luggage Handling and Miscellaneous tipping (Excluding our Egyptologist) / Training Program from my Fifth Book: The Final Secret

Extensive Sightseeing including all entrance fees: The Grand Giza Egyptian Museum (officially opened in July 2018) / The Great Pyramid of Giza with Private access to between The Paws of The Sphinx / The Red & Bent Pyramid of Dahshur /  The Ber Pas of Isis on The Isle of Philae /  The Hathors Ber Pa at Dendara / The Great Ber Pa of Osiris at Abydos  /  Visiting Kom Ombo and Edfu Ber Pa / The Valley of The Kings and Queen Hatshepsut Ber Pas  /  The Ber Pa of Karnak / Evening visit to Luxor Ber Pa  /  The Saqqara Complex and Serapeum,  with many more secrets along the way..

Full Tour Itinerary will be available soon.

 A Non Refundable Booking Deposit of $1,000.00 USD is required to secure your space on this exclusive 14 Day Tour. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Your decision to travel anywhere in the world today is your own decision.  The official Australian government website, ( has for some years now declared Egypt as a Destination – ‘Reconsider your need to Travel’.  When making your decision, you will be told by many people it isn’t safe.  It is important to make your own decision, independent of others.  I have facilitated Spiritual Teaching Tours to Egypt since 2001, with no problems, even in 2011 when the revolution was on.  Atlantis Adventures Pty Ltd are not budget tourist tours, or spiritual tourism tours.  We work with a quality ground teams to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and provide you with high quality service and experiences.   We offer a fully supported training program through my 5 Books Teachings, with Crystal Tones singing bowls accompanying us in the many sites we visit, facilitating the most powerful experience imaginable.

Please be aware we are NOT Travel Agents, you will need to contact your Travel Agent for Visa requirements, and international flight information. You may wish to check  This Link  for competitive Travel Insurance. 

2016 Egypt Tour
Private access to The Sphinx – Giza Plateau


15 Questions on Egypt

1. How safe is it to travel to Egypt now? 
At time of writing: The official Australian government website ( has for some years now declared Egypt as a Destination – ‘Reconsider your need to Travel’.   I advise groups coming from other countries to check with their Foreign Affairs Departments.  I have never experience any fear of my groups safety since 2001 when I lead my first group to Egypt   I brought groups to Egypt in 2011,and 2012 during the revolution. I have an expert ground team  in Egypt whose advise I am always under the direction of, and whose primary concern is our safety. 
Be guided by your own heart. 
2. Why did you create the name “Entering The Gateway” for this  tour.
Gateways are portals of consciousness.  Allowing yourself to accept the challenge of transforming your consciousness as you Step through a Gateway to a new way of being.  You will develop a new relationship with your Guides throughout the tour who will provide the framework for you to enter the consciousness each Gateway represent.   Being in the energetic presence of the Ancient Forces, the enchanting Nile River, and feeling the profound shift of personal consciousness in the Stargate Sites, brings your truth into a space of pure knowing that you are witness to everything happening in your life. 
3.  Why do you go to Egypt in November? 
Weather wise it’s the perfect season to be travelling in Egypt.  Warm and sunny by day, evening coolish. Upper Egypt can be still hot.  We are coming into an Egyptian winter. 
We are home well before Christmas. 
4.  You have Private Restricted Access to “The Paws of The Sphinx”.   What is so special about being between “The Paws of the Sphinx”?
To receive energy through this Stargate is a gift to yourself that only you can experience.   No language can describe your personal relationship by being in communion with such a majestic monument.   It’s a privilege very few experience.   You will be given time for private meditation, and be able to walk all around ‘The Sphinx’ in peace.   I will lead a Group Activation with my books wisdom teachings and we will play our singing bowls.
5.  What will I get by being in this space?   
Quite possibly you may experience transcendence, humility and reverence for this ancient site all at once.
6. a). You are launching your fifth book titled “The Final Secret “ whilst on tour. Please tell me about this book?
The book’s wisdom teachings facilitate a sense of completion in the discovery of your inner Divine Feminine and Masculine self.  It’s message speaks directly to your heart, channelled through The Final Secret Guides, and Earth Mother.  You will be guided through a Gateway each day, commencing with The High Priestess and High Priest on day 1 of the Tour. The book has a section of questions on each chapter. You will be able to read and get direct information from me relating to your “discovery” of self whilst reading.
b) How will it support me on my tour with you?
Opportunities are given throughout the tour for you to reflect on the wisdom teachings and apply them to your life in this and all my books, and discuss them if you wish.
7.  What will the singing bowls do on the tour?  Do  I have to purchase one to participate in meditations with you on the tour? 
The singing bowls clear space and release mind chatter.  Advanced crystalline technology,  classically pitched musical notes create a surreal peace filled atmosphere.  We will be playing the bowls for planetary, group, and individual healing.  There is no requirement to purchase a bowl to attend the tour.  Many of our group do pre purchase a bowl,  so they can energetically record the experience to programme into their bowls.  
8.  What can I expect the see at the New Museum? Is the gold mask of King Tut in the new museum? 
The new museum will be opened officially in July 2018 this year.  I suggest you check out the website for all updates on the collections ready for display. Collections details being updated continually on the official website and official Facebook page. It is hugely exciting and long awaited internationally. 
9. The  Red Pyramid. What can I expect here? 
This pyramid is located in the desert.  We climb into the entrance making our way into a huge space, with extraordinary acoustics, ideal sound activation and chanting.  We them climb upstairs arriving at a platform, where we meditate, you may witness a new part of yourself creating itself here.  Very powerful transformative healing outcomes may be experienced.
10.  The Serapeum. What is this place all about?
We will be visiting tombs in the area.  Meditation available either in group or individually. You will be asking some very fundamental questions here.   Who was buried in these huge granite  sarcophagus/tombs?  The secrets may reveal  themselves to you. 
11.  You have Bowl Activations in Temples;  how many bowl activations will I be able to participate in and which Temples?
You will be under the direction of myself and our guide; who will support us playing in all appropriate places. You can participate in as many of few as you are guided provided you stay with the group. 
12.  What are the plans for the Full Moon.
I will be leading group healing, the evening will be one of celebrating under the stars, absorbing the atmospheric beauty.   Mystical and Unforgettable.   
13. Do I need to wear any special type of ritual garments or clothes while on the tour and at the Isle of Philae 
Isis is a magical Goddess, she welcomes us home what ever we wear. I suggest you pack cool cottons and pants. Light travelling clothes, a wrap to protect arms and back of neck from the sun throughout  the day on Tour, and a hat.  The country is conservative, please dress appropriately for others customs.   We have warm sunny days, cool nights.  Jacket with hood recommended especially on deck at night. Strong walking shoes. Clothing to protect from sun. On board boat, bathers, sarongs shorts, etc. 
14. You have lead 17 Tours to Egypt. What is different about this one? 
The opportunity to spend more time in reflection on the Dahybaya as the programme is extended.  More time for peace and stillness.  Deepening the discovery of myself and revisiting my ancient guides again, connecting to old friends and making new friends.  Energy to renew myself again. 
15. Will all the energy be too much for me? 
It can be intense and you will need space.  You don’t have to participate in every single activity. You can allocate a “me day” whenever you feel you need to. One of my roles is to make sure you are fully earthed and back in your body after any experience.  Your body may detox, be kind to you, get rest.  The Group Heart supports each other.  You are having a holiday remember.  
(The below Live Activation was completed between The Paws of The Sphinx on the November 2016 ‘Secret Heart Tour’)