JAPAN   10 Day Tour

  26th May – 3rd June   2018      


I am very excited to be able to offer you this magical Tour to Japan. The Tour is crafted to allow you to experience every day, an explosion of ‘The Unique’.   Our hosts in Japan have an uncanny ability to know what you need.  Getting under the skin of a destination is something very few experience. We guarantee an exclusive selection of experiences unique to our Tour.  Imagine being opened up to Reiki’s birth place at Mt Kurama and Miyajima, the ancient site of Shinto. As the secret training takes place in Danjo Garan, you too will have ancient secrets revealed to ‘you’.

We deliberately keep our party numbers limited. It will make you feel like an exclusive club, when the Hearts of the Group come together to share experiences that are never ordinary, seldom typical and always aim to excel even the highest expectations.  My meditations are inner adventures, discoveries of your hidden self. Crystal Tones singing bowls provide the most incredible resonance to bring you Bliss and power up your Heart’s intelligence.

Heart I Love you,  Carmel

Day 1 -Sat 26 May 2018 – Depart Australia – Arrive Osaka- Kansai Airport – Express Train to Kyoto – Transfer to our 5 Star Accommodation right in the Heart of Kyoto, the ancient imperial capital of Japan.

Day 2- Sun 27 May: Kyoto:

You may experience profound shifts, aligning yourself to receive more Light and reveal your Immortal Intelligent Hearts secrets.

The Golden Pavilion: The awe-inspiring sight of the richly decorated Golden Temple that seems to float over the mirror pond. In combination with the numerous islands and pine trees, it looks almost surreal. The Golden Pavilion is set in a magnificent Japanese strolling garden. Feeling the aspect of love we must create within ourselves to receive love, brings your hearts secret truth.

Sanju Sangendo Temple: The Temple features a huge hall containing 1001 figures of Kannon each of which is covered in Gold Leaf and each show a different expression, demonstrating empathy to all possible emotions. A breathtakingly beautiful Temple. Spontaneous healing can take place here.

Kiyomizu Temple : The Temple of Pure Water, is one of the most celebrated Temples of Japan. The Otowa Waterfall is located at the base of Kiyomizudera’s main hall. Its waters are divided into three separate streams, and visitors use cups attached to long poles to drink from them. Each stream’s water is said to have a different benefit, namely to cause longevity, success at school and a fortunate love life.  We open our hearts to our inner hearts secret self.

Day 3 – Mon 28 May: Transfer from Kyoto City to Mt Kurama

High on the shoulder of Mt. Kurama, you can feel the power of nature up here. Known as ‘The Heart” of Japan, you can feel the enchanting and nurturing energies of The Goddess Senju Kannon Quan Yin in the abundant nature of the mountain. As we open up our Star Gate Heart to Receive Love.

Mt. Kurama has had twelve centuries of people actively practicing Buddhism and Shinto religion on this sacred retreat mountain, furthermore the energy of Earth Mother has been honored so that the essence of the mountain can be truly felt. Reiki’s birthplace is also here and Dr. USUI, received enlightenment on this mountain. Receive your souls truth here.

Day 4 – Tue 29 May: Mt Kurama All day (possible WESAK Festival FULL MOON)

At the traditional Birthplace of Reiki we arrive to our traditional Onsen accommodation with sumptuous traditional cuisine           

Day 5 – Wed 30 May: 

Kurama Temple: The spiritual heart of Reiki, you may begin to feel the power and majesty of this enchanting mountain, and feel Dr Usui’s presence.

Transfer from Kurama to Kyoto city – as we leave this ancient therapeutic and renewing mountain.

Day – Thurs 31 May: Transfer from Kyoto to Hiroshima by Bullet Train (Luggage Transfer from Kyoto to Osaka Hotel)

Miyajima/ Itsukushima Shrine: Formally named Itsukushima, the island is more popularly known as “Miyajima”, literally “Shrine Island” in Japanese thanks to its star attraction. The shrine is known worldwide for its iconic “floating” Torii gate. Miyajiima Island has a long history as a holy site of Shinto.   Shinto (“the way of the gods”) is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people and as old as Japan itself. It remains Japan’s major religion alongside Buddhism.

We will be opening our hearts to balancing our own inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine power and Earthing it.

Take a Bullet Train to Osaka、Check in Osaka Accommodation

Day 7 – Fri 31 May: Check out accommodation – Take an Overnight Bag to

Mt. Koya (from Koya Station to Ichinohashi by  bus). Leave suitcase in Osaka Hotel.

Lunch at Ichinohashi Tourist Center

Visiting: Okunoin, Touroudo, Koubo Daishigobyo

Taking a pilgrimage leading to Mount Koya, you will find Okunoin Temple, the most sacred sites for followers of Kobo Daishi around Japan and also a central pillar of faith here. You may begin to feel your own heart activate, opening its secrets to you.

He is known as the founder of Shingon Buddhism and has incessantly pursued the knowledge of Buddhism. Okunoin Temple welcomes you by Ichinohashi Bridge, the place to pay respect to Kobo Daishi before entering the temple, awakening your own Immortal Intelligent Heart.

Dinner with Monks, where we allow the space of inner exploration to bring to you, your journey of shared trust and shared truth.

Day 8 – Sat 1 June: Vegetarian Breakfast – Buddhist Morning Chant

Kongoubuji: Allowing surrender to be the greatest gift you can ever give yourself, you will focus only on yourself at Danjo Garan: One of the first complexes built by Kobo Daishi in Koyasan. Vast, quiet, soothing, it is filled with temples, a magnificent pagoda, with a unique atmosphere. Danjo Garan together with Okunoin Temple are two holy lands of Mount Koya.  Danjo Garan is a Temple complex opened by Kobo Daishi as a place for secret training in Shingon esoteric Buddhism. 

Kondo: Kondo, the main pavilion which hosts major religious ceremonies. A statue of Yakushi Nyorai, the doctor Buddha is revealed when the pavilion is open. Connecting with your inner Divine Masculine where I will lead a Meditation.

Tokugawake Reidai : Feeling this sacred essence allows you to reflect on all you want in your life.

Transfer to Osaka

Day 9 – Sun. 2 June:   Transfer to Tokyo by Bullet Train

Afternoon visiting: Asakusa Sensoji Temple or Shopping.

Give yourself time to integrate these energies deeply into the core of Earth Mother.

Day 10 – Mon. 3 June: Free until departure -Transfer to Narita Airport by Narita express.

Group Meditation or healing to offer gratitude and respect for this ancient land and its people.


Contact : carmel@carmelglenane.com