I am grateful to be able to Present my WORKSHOPS on Intelligent Heart Activation with Crystalline Intelligence & Sound at the MBS Festivals in 2019 

There has never been a more IMPORTANT time than NOW to take responsibility for yourself, in these times of chronic physical and mental health to support yourself, your community and your world through HEART CONSCIOUSNESS & SOUND.

The latest Scientific Evidence reveals that your HEART has a MAJOR role in supporting the ENDOCRINE Function of the entire human body.  ACTIVATING your Mt DNA (MITOCHONDRIAL DNA – FEMININE DNA) charging up your CELLULAR MEMORY, igniting your cells with power, energy and life force.

The true essence of REJUVENATION takes place.  

MtDNA Activation is like tapping into a rich reservoir of raw power. Focusing on its source power will give your heart strength.  The Heart is flooded with ENERGY and POWER, as the glands become Activated to RECEVIE LOVE.

Beginning the journey to ACTIVATE the HEART’S INTELLIGENCE bring to your life a sense of peace and order. 

My IEHA Accredited Heart Activation & Crystalline Sound Training Program is a combination of Scientific Methodology with my books 5 Levels of Heart Activations, birth the training to the Hearts of all attendees, wishing to forward their consciousness through HEART CENTERED LIVING & TEACHING.

The Training Program is Available in 2 Levels:

Level 1 5 Levels of Heart Activation – 2 Day Intensive training program

Level 2 – Crystaslline Intelligence & Heart Activation – 2 Day Intensive training program

This Accredited Training will also be available through – ONLINE TRAINING in 2020.

I am also offering 1 Day Workshops in the coming months for HEART ACTIVATION and for playing and performing



  • SUNDAY    5th April -Speaking the Language of the One Heart -LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/505099143540456/

  • 5 DAY IEHA Globally Accredited “AWAKEN your INTELLIGENT HEART with ALCHEMY CRYSTAL Singing bowls” – 3rd – 7th August 2020


My NOVEMBER 2020 Egypt Tour allows you to receive through Activations in the Temples and other Sacred Sites.  the opportunity to present and teach on my 19th Teaching tour to Egypt is giving you the opportunity to receive through the Meditations & Activations. 

The Japan 2021 Tour opens Gateways to Integrate and allow yourself to be immersed in this ancient culture.  Tour highlights include Mt Kurama (Reiki Birth Place) and Mt Koya.  The journey introduces you to the ancient sacred forces and elements which make Japan a Breathtaking experience. 

International Energetic Healing Association Global ACCREDITATION for Senju Kannon Usui Reiki Training for ALL 3 Levels of Training.

Allow Allow Allow.  Be Open to your Abundant Heart. 

Heart I Love You,