Receiving Part 4

When was the last time you felt outraged at the sense of injustice to you, another person, country, etc?
Last night I did, when I heard ancient treasures from Egypt were destroyed in the “conflict” right now.
The emotion of outrage is an intense reaction to an event you perceive as being unfair.
Injustice is a violation of your ability to receive love, pleasure, peace, order, balance.
Life becomes out of balance and our ability to receive is blocked.
When the heart closes down through any emotion perceived to be unjust, you must remedy this by RECEIVING
It is essential that all primary, raw emotions be noted, observed and cagtegorized (filed as it were) so the flow of energy into the heart can be kick-started again.
For myself, I was able to facilitate a full moon ceremony dedicated to “Maat” the Goddess of Justice in ancient Egypt, (for Egypt’s justice today against the criminals who are raping this country’s heart), with a high energy group of lightworkers, many of whom have been students of mine in Egypt.
My balance within was restored, and I began the receiving process again.
At any moment, we are all experiencing loss, sadness, deaths, through our own emotional attachments.
Use this experience now to surrender your need to control an outcome.
Simply say:
“I SURRENDER. I CANNOT DO ANY MORE. I NOW ASK FOR THE BEST OUTCOME FOR THE HIGHER GOOD OF ALL.” Immediately you have shifted the focus away from the emotion of injustice. Order and peace is restored within you.

“but it doesn’t change anything…you say!”

No, the treasures are destroyed, but your inner receiving is bringing you peace, justice, and order, not only to yourself, but others.


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