Senju Kannon Reiki™ Training
Training with Carmel Glenane – Founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™.   Traditionally the journey of Reiki begins with Senju Kannon-USUI Reiki (Japanese Feminine Lineage).  Trainings are available at each Level, I,II & III Master/Teacher for the three levels of Reiki.   All training sessions are individually tailored to your Higher Self and Intelligent Heart.  All training  sessions include the use of Crystal Tones®  singing bowls, these sonic masterpieces are powerful code breakers, cracking resistance from the mind creating vortexes of energy and light, earthing energy unbelievably.  Attunements are conducted at the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™, in Coolangatta.

Reiki opens up the Base Chakra, clears out past patterns of belief and stored karma’s; Earthing you, assisting you to live completely in the ‘now’.

Level 1Hands on Healing, Clearing Physical Problems – A Five hour teaching intensive allowing you to self treat and give healing to others. Reiki I, opens up the energy channels in your body so the universal life force can enter your energy field and help heal all physical pain. Reiki I allows you to earth yourself and self-nurture. Investment:  $745.00

Reiki Level IIEmotional / Mental Clearing – In this five hour teaching intensive you will be given the sacred Reiki symbols to release mental and emotional patterns which prevent you from living in the now. You will be shown how to send distance healing to loved ones, events, concepts, past and future experiences. Your attunement deepens and awakens you to your true healing power. Reiki II allows you to respect and love the self. Investment: $805

Reiki Level III /Master-Teacher
Connects your crown Chakra directly to the source energy
This is a profound experience. A 1 day (eight hour) teaching intensive.  By creating with the symbols, it is guaranteed to change your life forever. As a Reiki / Master Teacher you will heal at a soul level, and be able to attune others to the sacred symbols. Your training program brings you totally into alignment with your soul’s purpose. Investment: $1,200.00

A certificate of completion and a Reiki teachers manual is also included.

Reiki supports the challenges in being human. It replenishes and nourishes you with pure, universal, unconditional love.

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