Senju Kannon™️ Usui  ReikiTraining

Globally Accredited through International Energetic Healing Association
Training with Carmel Glenane – Founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™.   Traditionally the journey of Reiki begins with Senju Kannon-USUI Reiki (Japanese Feminine Lineage).  Trainings are available at each Level  I, II & III Master/Teacher for the three levels of Reiki.   All training sessions are individually tailored to your Higher Self and Intelligent Heart.  All training  sessions include the use of Crystal Tones®  singing bowls, these sonic masterpieces are powerful code breakers, cracking resistance from the mind creating vortexes of energy and light, earthing energy unbelievably.  Attunements are conducted at the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™, in Coolangatta.

Senju Kannon™️ Usui Reiki training is NOW Available ONLINE.

LEVEL 1 – 8 Modules   –  LEVEL 2 – 12 Modules    LEVEL 3 – Master Teacher – 16 Modules

As we witness the acceleration of different energy modalities, it is a Miracle to be able to help the restructure of Reiki to keep up with the changes in all energy healing, systems, and modalities.  When I was first attuned in 1993, there was only Usui Traditional Reiki available.  Now there are many different Reiki trainings embracing many different systems.  I was also attuned to Karuna Reiki and Seichim Sekhem Reiki in the 90s,  I healed and attuned clients and students with these powerful symbols as well as Traditional Usui Reiki.

The breakthrough in personal consciousness come through for me, when I took a private spiritual pilgrimage to Reiki‘s Birthplace in Mt Kurama, Japan, to experience the living energies of the Shinto (nature based ‘religion’ in Japan and the Buddhist Temple religious practices at Mt Kurama.) It was humbling and awe inspiring to sit where Dr Usui was supposed to receive his enlightenment in the “wilderness” energy of Mt Kurama.

I received an epiphany in this Stargate location where I spontaneous channelled Usui, and he summoned me to bring the Feminine into Reiki.  It was an extremely cathartic and challenging experience.   After this ‘spontaneous’ initiation, I was guided to create the Kannon symbol. (The Japanese name for Quan Yin in Japan) Kannon is known as The Mother of Japan, and is a Buddhist deity.  I began leading Groups to Mt Kurama Japan witnessing the incredible divinely feminine energy downloads through The Kannon Reiki Symbol with my group.

After another pilgrimage to Japan with another group, I was guided to use the esoteric name for Kannon.   “Senju Kannon”.

What you experienced now, through Senju Kannon Reiki is a culmination of Divine Feminine energy from 2008, where I have attuned and healed with the Senju Kannon Reiki symbol and Usui symbols. 

Right now my own inner transformation has resulted in the birth of the Divine Masculine Symbol to support the integration and earthing of the Divine Feminine Senju Kannon Symbol.  The Divine Masculine Symbol has been ‘gifted’ once again through Usui in August 2017 after I visited Mt Kurama again being a guest at a private Shinto wedding in Kifune, Mt Kurama. This symbol has also been given in healing and Attunements to Reiki since that time. 

Full Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Reiki Training Program Details are available HERE

Reiki opens up the Base Chakra, clears out past patterns of belief and stored karma’s; Earthing you, assisting you to live completely in the ‘now’.

Reiki supports the challenges in being human. It replenishes and nourishes you with pure, universal, unconditional love.