When I read that a Reiki Healer, states she was offered “a full time paid position in a Cambridge UK oncology ward”, I decided to investigate what was happening in our Australian hospitals.

Reiki is offered in top hospitals in United States including the prestigious major hospitals (Mayo Clinic, no 1 in honours roll and Cleveland Clinic, no 2 ) 

Isn’t it time Australian hospitals considered opening up their doors to Reiki to alleviate pain and emotional distress experienced whilst in hospital for patients? 

Reiki is universally known and practiced throughout the world.

It works simply by placing the healers hands on the patient/client or placing the hands on the aura. It is non invasive and extremely powerful.

I explain to clients and students who have never heard of Reiki or don’t know how it works that Reiki is as simple as “plugging in your mobile phone to its charger and allowing the energy from the “charger” universal life force energy, and earth mother’s energy do its work,” giving the receiver so much energy, peace, and support.

Simple effective, non invasive, The Washington Post article on Reiki has had approx. 2000 shares (and was written in 2014) 

Sharing stories about how effective, simple, loving healing Reiki bring to hospital communities, patients staff and doctors demonstrates that “we” as a community care for the sick and those supporting them in Hospitals. 

Reiki education is offered at 800 hospitals in United States however there is one Australian hospital, the Solarius Cancer Care (WA) offeing Reiki to their patients.

Education is the key to change the mindset of our hospitals in Australia.

You may feel guided to support your hospital, outpatients, or palliative care unit by offering assistance with Reiki, leaving support material ie (The articles listed) and your availability to offer Reiki healings. This is a beginning to create change in our Australian hospitals with education.

Alternative care which includes Reiki is provided by The Cancer Council of Australia, however not offered in hospitals 

For all carers, healers, lightworkers this is a “call to action”.

We are the one family of compassionate love.

The loving embrace of Reiki energy helps us all on our journey of completeness.

Reiki develops compassion, not only for yourself, but for the person you are giving love to. The feeling of knowing you are loved and the sense of pleasure in giving Reiki healing is a sacred alchemy. It always has its rewards.

Beings of great love are around us when we share these loving Reiki vibrations with those who cannot care for themselves.

If it’s good enough for prestigious major hospitals in US why not for our frail, sick, and dying in Australian hospitals. 

Carmel Glenane BA Dip Ed Author / Teacher / Healer

Carmel has been a Reiki Healer and Teacher with full time since 1993.

For Reiki Training information: www.senjukannonreiki.com


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